Raising Chickens in the City

Raising Chickens in the City
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Raising Chickens in the City

Raising chickens in the city (or other small spaces)
is a fun, easy way to start (or branch out)
in your urban farming experience.
Imagine 'farm fresh' eggs collected daily
from your backyard!

No more worry about what kind(s) of animal antibiotics
you and your family are consuming,
no more concern about eating eggs from
cruelly treated hens...

And the best news is that tending a small urban flock
takes less time than taking care of the family dog!

City Girl Chickens is your urban guide
for raising chickens in the city.
Here you will find everything you need to know to
start your own adventure in raising your own chickens

The best breeds of chickens for your family's needs

How to build or buy a chicken coop (and how much space your chickens will need)

What to feed your new flock

How to raise baby chicks

How to keep your flock healthy and happy

What your hens should and should not eat

And much, much more....

As an urban chicken owner, I've got lots of first hand experience and will help you get started.

If you've already taken the plunge into chicken ownership, City Girl Chickens will help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of chickens and chicken keeping as well as give you opportunity to share your own stories and photos as well as as questions.

Take your time and look around. Enjoy your stay.

Jump on the hay wagon
with thousands of other urban chicken farmers
are raising their own chickens in the city!
It's gonna be so fun, you'll wonder why it took you so long.
Let the Journey Begin...

Here's some places to start...

Getting Started:
Chicken Housing:
Keeping Chickens:


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