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Ameraucana Chickens

Everyone needs an Ameraucana chicken in their flock!


They're truly a very sweet bird. Unlike some of the docile birds, this one isn't shy, just sweet. Because of that, she's not as likely to get bullied by the other chickens. She's sociable with the flock and is likely to be one of the human favorites.

And a totally wonderful aspect of Ameraucana Chickens is that they lay blue eggs! (Or sometimes green or greenish blue.) Just that fact alone is good enough to add one to your flock (don't worry, the egg inside tastes exactly the same as the white and brown shelled version). They will lay their eggs more heavily in the summer, but will lay a few in the winter as well.

Ameraucanas were originally developed in the 1970's from the Araucana chicken, another colored egg layer. The goal with the breeding was to breed out some of the issues with Araucana's and they were successful in creating a superior breed with all the good qualities of the older one.

They come in just about any color; white, buff, cream, black, brown, red, etc. and are known in appearance by their 'beard' of feathers around the lower part of their face.

Ameraucana chick Ameraucana Pullet

As far as broodiness goes, they're not high on the broody hen list, although there's a possibility that they will go broody.

This is one of the most popular breed of chicken to raise.

Ameracana chick

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