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Barred Rock Chickens

Barred Rock chickens are actually a nickname for the
barred variety of Plymouth Rock Chickens.
They are named for their
barred (striped) black and white feathers.

Whether you call them barred or plymouth, they are a good bet for your backyard flock. This dual-purpose bird is a good layer. She's also pretty tolerant of cold temperatures.

Even better, if you've got children, this is a good chicken to get. They're known to be both gentle and good with children. They also socialize easily within the flock.

Plymouth Rock chickens come in several color patterns, but the barred is the most popular. They were developed in New England in the late 1800's and became the most popular hen to have until after World War II because of their temperament, dual-purpose and great egg laying abilities.

Barred Rock hens lay brown eggs year round, although frequency decreases some during the winter months.

barred rock chick
Baby Chick. They're black with yellow/white distinctive markings on their heads and bellies.
barred rock pullet
Pullet stage.
barred rock hen
Adult hen

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