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Chicken Coop Photos

Just in case you need some inspiration,
here are some chicken coop photos...
there are about as many ways to build a chicken coop
as there are people building them...

So let these pictures give you some creative fodder
to mull around in your head as you
consider how you'd like to build your own coop.

Building a chicken coop should be fun! Let your creative side run wild! Although there are things a coop needs, there are no limits to the amount of creative ways you can construct those basic needs. Some people build a basic, functional coop while others go crazy and build chicken mansions. Regardless of which side you're on, or if you're somewhere in between, these chicken coop photos are sure to spark your imagination and give you ideas on both things you'd like to do and things you'd like NOT to do.

And after your coop is done, send us a photo! We'd love to show it off for you and celebrate in your success!

coop on stilts
A simple coop on stilts

coop with picket fence
A garden coop with a sweet white picket fence.

coop playhouse
The owners of the above coop used a playhouse as their coop.
They built a wooden insert to fit inside the playhouse and
totally enclosed it with the chicken run.

rabbit hutch coop
I loved this coop as well...they used a rabbit hutch (on left)
for the base of their coop. Their run uses an old bed
frame for it's foundations--they just built walls up from it.

chicken tractor
An example of a chicken tractor

chicken coop
Coop my sister won at a non-profit auction.

cedar coop
Pre-made cedar coop with run.

coop from dog house
This coop started out it's life as a dog house.
Simple alterations added two nest boxes, a roost pole,
and a side door for easy egg collection.

city coop
This coop utilizes a recycled window and shutters
as well as parts of a play structure. Here's more step by step
photos on how it was built using mostly recycled materials.

old coop

Nothing fancy about the above coop...
but it does the job.

Help us grow the chicken coop photo collection!
Please send us photos of your coop and we'll add them to
this web site, complete with anything you'd like to tell us about it
(and your name, too, if you'd like).

Now that your creative inspiration has been tapped, learn more about chicken coops, how to build them, and even get some free chicken coop plans!


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