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Chicken Gifts

Chicken gifts for you and all your poultry crazy friends!

Why is it that it takes getting a new car to suddenly notice every car just like yours that passes you on the road? You probably had NO IDEA how many people drove that particular make or model before! But once you have that car yourself, you immediately realize how many other people (like yourself) have good taste!

The same is true with chickens, I think. Once you get them, you fall in love with them. Your whole world changes for the better. You are completely hooked. And you start to notice chickens (and their coops) wherever you go. Soon, you will find yourself talking to other poultry owners, whenever you run into them. Sort of like you are wearing chicken colored glasses with the view much different than before you owned those birds!

Now what about a few custom made-to-order items to show your true colors? Maybe it's time to start collecting your own poultry paraphernalia, or to start adding to the collection of someone know! Share the Chicken Love!

Whether you'd like a t-shirt, BBQ apron, canvas tote, or more, you'll find something for everyone. Including you, every chicken owner (or wanna-be) you know.

Below are a few of the images available on a variety of products. If you scroll down to the bottom, you'll find a link that will take you to the City Girl Farming store where you can customize gifts based on these designs (and more). You'll never be stumped again when it comes to gift giving...posters, mugs, mouse pads, Christmas ornaments, baby onsies, and more.

Be creative. Have fun. And wear your chicken proud!

chicken gifts

chicken gifts

chicken gifts

chicken gifts

Click image above for more specific details or
click this link to create personalized chicken gifts

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