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Disclaimer and Disclosure:

As the editor of this site, I am a chicken owner (and chicken lover!), a researcher and writer. I'm not a veterinarian or other animal professional.

Keep that in mind.

In writing this site, I have done my best to work with the most reliable chicken information available from my own experience, from talking to other chicken owners and experts, from taking chicken education classes and from reading authoritative literature. What I say may or may not be accurate for your personal situation. Feel free to read other advice elsewhere, and draw your own conclusions.

My goal with this site as well as with my own backyard chicken farming is to help others learn the joys (and gain the benefits) of successfully raising a small backyard flock in the city. Individual problems that might crop up with or without the advice from this site are out of my control.

Please do your research. As you will soon learn, there are many different angles and opinions to many issues and ideas about raising chickens. The ones expressed on this site were gleaned from what's considered 'standard practice', personal experience, and/or from the sage advice of people who have spent many, many years caring for chickens.

My primary concern is the health and well being of both chickens and chicken owners, and to that end, I've tried to present the best information possible. I love chickens! And believe that anyone can have a positive, life changing experience with raising chickens.

Have fun in your chicken raising adventure. And please do glean helpful information from this site. And participate as well. I would love to hear from you. Send in stories, questions, photos, or recipes. Whatever you would like to contribute.

Happy Chicken Farming in the City (or anywhere else you are, for that matter!)

Kerrie Hubbard

Kerrie and Olivia



P.S. In case you're wondering where the funding comes from for City Girl Chickens, I fund this site with my time, my passion and my creativity. At this time, I don't accept any funding or advertising. I do, however, try to cover my costs by including Google Ads and product links to Amazon.com and other affiliates. If you follow those links and make a purchase, I earn a small commission on the sale.

Please note, additionally, that the opinions I give on any products are always my own and have not been paid for by any company or manufacturer. My enthusiasm stems from my own personal experience, or from the experience of others I trust. My goal, as always, is to help chicken owners and future chicken owners have the most positive, safe and happy experience possible!





















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