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Egg Recipes

If you're raising chickens in the backyard,
chances are you're gonna need some egg recipes to go with them.
Here's a start.

Please submit your own great recipe to share with us.


Baked Eggs

German Pancakes

Hard Boiled Eggs
(how to easily peel fresh eggs)


Flourless Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake


Okay, these aren't really egg recipes, per se,
but since they are directions on what to do with eggs,
I thought I could include them:

A New Twist on Easter Egg Decorating
(that even utilizes cracked shells!)


hen recipe card hen recipe card
Download this hen recipe card FREE
to print on your computer
(for all your egg recipes, of course!)

Easter Chicken Recipe Card
Download this Easter Chicken recipe card FREE
to print out on your computer
(for all your Easter egg recipes and more! :) )


Easter Chicken Recipe Card Learn more about eggs here.

Looking for other good recipes for eggs? You'll find them here.

Submit your own egg recipes here.


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