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Rhode Island Red Chickens

Rhode Island Red Chickens
are another popular backyard breed.

Why should you consider this breed?

Well, for one, they're prolific brown egg layers. Probably the best, actually, for large, brown egg laying hens. They consistently win egg laying contests for their ability to produce. If you're after good quality, brown eggs, this is the breed for you.

They're also known to be easygoing birds, although they can have a more aggressive side if annoyed. The RIR I currently have is the most aggressive hen in the flock, although she's never been mean to people. (Roosters of this breed have a worst reputation than the hens do.)

rhode island red chick
Rhode Island Red Chick

This breed was developed in New England in the 1900's to be both layers and meat birds (they generally get up to 6.5 pounds). These days, though, they're rarely used for meat because of their superior ability to lay eggs.

They're also tolerant of both heat and cold, and of less than ideal living spaces.

If you want to avoid the issues of broodiness, this breed is a better than average choice. Although they can go broody, it doesn't happen very often.

Rhode Island Red chicks are rusty colored and the adults are auburn colored birds. (The roosters are beautiful with green neck feathers.)

rhode island red adult hen
Adult Rhode Island Red Hen

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