Why Chickens?

Raising Chickens in the City
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Why Chickens?

Why NOT chickens?
There are so many benefits to
raising chickens in the city!

Why Chickens? Reason One: Fresh eggs!
Chickens give you an egg (several times a week and sometimes daily) in return for food, shelter and care. How many other animals 'pay' for their room and board by providing breakfast?

Reason Two: Fresh fertilizer!
Yes, good old fashioned chicken poop. For free. Non-chicken owning city dwellers actually have to PAY for this commodity, but not you! You get it fresh and free, right from the natural source. Not only that, but chickens can also compost the fertilizer for you. What a bargain, huh?

Reason Three: They're Organic Bug Killers!
Chickens love to eat bugs. Those same bugs that love to eat your garden. If you let the chickens eat the bugs, the garden will be left for you!

Reason Four: Unlike Your Children, They Never Get Too Big
Chickens are small. They stay small. They won't eat you out of house and home because they're having a growth spurt. You won't have to build them a new home because they outgrew the old. They take up very little space.

Reason Five: They're Cheap (no pun intended)
The biggest expense in raising chickens is providing them a place to live. It's even cheap to buy the chickens in the first place. You won't have to take out a loan to start a small city brood of hens.

Reason Six: You Don't Have to Be an Expert
Learning about the doesn't take a Ph.D. In fact, it's easy to get started. And easy to stay going.

Why Chickens? Reason Seven: Free Entertainment
Chickens have personality! And they will entertain you without even trying. You might even find your family growing closer because of the chickens. You'll have something to talk about with each other and new, funny stories to share. You'll find yourself drawn outside more, and watching less TV.

Reason Eight: They're Gentle Animals
For the most part, chickens are very gentle animals. This is especially true if you give them lots of human attention when they're little.

Why Chickens? Reason Nine: You'll Gain a New Appreciation for Your Food Source
Once you start collecting your eggs from the backyard, they take on a new sort of preciousness. You understand that it took you 6 months of care and raising for your hen to produce the egg you collected. You'll have a sense of pride that you raised your own food. You'll begin to understand what goes in to creating a food supply for you and your family.

Reason Ten: Fresh Backyard Eggs are Better for You
Tests have shown that free range eggs are better for you than factory farmed eggs. They actually have more of the good stuff (like Omega-three's and good cholesterol) and less of the bad stuff (bad cholesterol). Further tests have concluded that backyard eggs are better for you still. And fresher.

Reason Eleven: Farm Fresh Eggs from Your Backyard are Better for the Chickens
Considering a traditionally farmed hen lives in a wire cage and stands in one place her whole life unable to even move around, it makes total sense that a backyard flock in the city is going to have a much richer life. My chickens don't know how good they have it. And they shouldn't. Their happy, spacious life should be the norm instead of the exception.

Reason Twelve: It's a Shorter (Than Most Pets) Commitment
Face it, if you bring home a puppy, you might be looking at a 15 year commitment, or even longer. Chickens, on the other hand, have been known to live up to 15 years, but more likely will live in the 2-7 year range so you're not stuck for life if you (on the outside chance) decide chickens aren't for you.

So why chickens? Like I said, why not chickens? The benefits certainly outweigh the risks. If you're ready to take the leap, find out more information on raising chicks, or keeping chickens. You won't be sorry!



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